ירון צוויק | ISA - Security Division ,CTO
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ירון צוויק | ISA – Security Division ,CTO

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Yaron Zvaic is a senior security Consultant and project manager, who specializes in security architecture, formulating and adapting strategies, security concepts and specializes in the characterization and implementation of technologies.

In 2019, Yaron Zvaic retired from the Israeli Security Agency at the end of a 27-year career in the governmental security sector.

Yaron has multidisciplinary experience in security with in-depth specializations in dignitary protection,  sensitive asset security, corporate security, information security, security auditing and red teams and  technological force building.

Yaron has extensive experience in managing the security of heads of state, including managing the security of the President of the State of Israel, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and others. During his service, Yaron planned and commanded complex, sensitive and multidisciplinary security operations, in Israel and overseas with the cooperation of international intelligence and security agencies,

He completed his service in senior management positions that were equivalent to the rank of colonel in the IDF, where he served as global security manager, technology director of the governmental security array and a member of the management of the Israeli close protection unit.

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