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2016 –     Expo Tel-AvivInternational Convention Center

               Chief Security Officer


Expo Tel Aviv is the largest convention center in Israel.  With 8 Pavilions, 19 halls, Parking lot for 2000 cars, over 3 million visitors a year & over 400 events of all sizes.


  • In Charge of implementing, and maintaining security processes, practices, and policies throughout the organization to reduce risks.
  • In Charge of the Convention Center Security company as well as the security companies of outside organizers of events in Expo.
  • Ensures the organization’s compliance with the local, national, and international regulatory requirements – Municipality, Police, Fire department etc.
  • In Charge of the permits of Expo Tel Aviv in front of the Tel Aviv municipality, police & fire department.
  • In Charge of the Control Room with over 300 widespread cameras – open 24/7
  • Researches and deploys state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative security management techniques


2012 – 2015 –  Security Manager at Shefa security- Israel


Overall responsibility for setting up security teams for various clients, events ranging from 200 to 50000 participants.


  • Responsible for setting up, training and over control for over 300 security guards.
  • Events ranging from International Performers, large scale company events, Parties
  • Liaison between events organizers and venues.
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